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2017 Inca Trail Marathon Results

Erik’s Adventures 2017 Inca Trail Marathon Results. Congratulations to all of you! All Runners did a great job by finishing at Machu Picchu!  A very special thanks to our spectators for all your support this year!

Official 26.2 mile 2017 Inca Trail Marathon Results and Incathon Trail Race Results.

There has been prior running happening on the Inca Trail dating back until the time of the Incas, but up until our 2012 race, never a supported, organized, accurately measured and timed race of 26.2 miles.

Since 2012, runners can now participate in a standard marathon distance race that is rated by many the most difficult marathon in the world- to the best finish line anywhere- Machu Picchu, Peru! Join us in 2018!

Results for both races are also posted on these sites:

Active.com Inca Trail Marathon results

Online Race Results: 2017 Official 26.2 mile Inca Trail Marathon Results and Incathon Trail Race Results



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