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Erik’s Adventures hosts Running Vacations and is the Race Director for The Inca Trail Marathon to Machu Picchu 26.2 mile Race.

Erik’s Adventures operates singles vacations for active singles travel all around the world

Advantages of Traveling With Erik’s Adventures

Insider knowledge of the destinations we cover
Strong relationships with quality local businesses and providers
Benefit local populations
Provide personal attention pre-trip as you prepare for your adventure
Trips are fully hosted by one of our professional tour escorts

These advantages make it possible to cut out excess costs and offer you a more affordable tour packed with value. In addition to the main highlights, you will access “hidden gems” that may be off the main tourist circuit and often missed by bigger tour companies.

A FEW Travel tips

Please visit our trip preparation page for more comprehensive lists of good travel tips

If you’re going to a popular tourist attraction, buy your film at home! It usually costs a lot less than say, Disneyland, or Washington, D.C. or any other big vacation spot.

Find out before you depart whether there is a departure tax, and how much it is. Some countries charge a small fee and will not let you board your flight without first paying. It is best to reserve that amount of cash, as credit cards and other forms of payment are not accepted.

Pick out a book for ‘fun reading’ set in the country you are about to visit. Your fictional journey through the country will put you in the mood to enjoy the sights and experiences to come.

Be sure all of your shots are up to date, and have extra medication in case you are delayed on your return home.

When going by plane, always find out the number of the terminal that you will be flying out of. Large airports such as LAX have many terminals, and the larger airlines are in more than one terminal. In some cases, like Dallas, those terminals are a half-mile apart. Got your running shoes on?

Learn a few essential terms in the native language of the country you are traveling to. For instance, if going to a Spanish-speaking country ‘Hola!’ means ‘hello’ and ‘gracias’ means ‘thank you.’ Other essential words such as food, water, restroom, etc. should also be learned. Not only will the natives appreciate your effort, your trip will be more enjoyable for learning a new language and culture! Also, it can really help you get around more easily!

Consider getting a telephone calling card. It is a convenient way of keeping in touch.  If you have one, verify that you can use it from your overseas location(s). Access numbers to U.S. operators are published in many international newspapers. Find out your access number before you go.