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Kilimanjaro Trail Marathon Race dates and start times

The 2018 Race will be on Monday Aug 12th, 2019 at 5:00 AM. This start time maximizes the time you have to complete the race while minimizing the amount of time you must run before it is light out for safety reasons, and of course to better enjoy the amazing scenery.

Kilimanjaro Trail Marathon finish times

We will have the course open for 20+ hours. We expect the range of finish times to be between 9-18 hours. The entire course and the mountain Summit are open during the day and at night. In fact most hikers go up to the Summit at night.

Can I complete such a tough race?

We think so! Our staff will be out there to support, but it depends on you.

Things that will help you: If you are a good endurance athlete, a strong and/or experienced runner, avid marathoner, someone with good trail running knowledge, experience running ultras, other long course (ie Iron distance tri) background, a strong mountain hiking background. Having some of these traits will be helpful. If you train hard, safe and smart for this event, considering some of our training suggestions, then we feel you will accomplish this feat!

IN ADDITION- We feel STRONGLY that each person should do something just prior to the race (ie somewhere between two weeks to a few days ahead of the race) to acclimate to the high elevations found for the summit portion of the event!

This is why we suggest to join our pre marathon hike tour

What about Elevation? How can I prepare for that?

THIS IS IMPORTANT- We feel VERY STRONGLY that each person should do something just prior to the race (ie somewhere between two weeks to a few days ahead of the race) to acclimate to the high elevations found for the summit portion of the event!

NOTE: You don't need to do all your training in the weeks and months before at elevation, most people can train normally where they live (even at Sea Level).

***You do need to spend some quality time at HIGH elevation just ahead of the race to get your body used to elevations found in the race.

This is why we suggest to join our pre-marathon hike tour

If you are lucky enough to live in the Rockies or Alps, then you can train there at or above 4000 meters just prior to coming to Tanzania.

Everyone should VERY strongly consider doing something at high elevation prior to this event for your best chance at success. The best acclimation we suggest is to do a traditional trek on Kilimanjaro ahead of the race (ie our pre Marathon trek program)

*** With some good acclimation at high altitude prior to the race, your chance of completing this course will be HIGH.

****Without some sort of good acclimation prior to the race, your chance of success in completing the course will be LOW.

Kilimanjaro Marathon Rules

Your safety is our 1st concern for this event, please follow our guide and RD instructions.

It is not possible to participate in the race without camping out the night before near to the start line.

Start line: Faster runners should seed themselves to the front.

Official times will be recorded to gun time.

All runners will wear a numbered bib at all times (for tracking, splits, and safety reasons).

Packet pickup and a mandatory pre-race meeting will take place in Moshi before the race. This is required!

It is not permitted to litter while in Kilimanjaro national Park. Please keep the trail clean and throw garbage away at aid stations.

Aid Stations

A total of at least 4 aid stations will be available for the race. Purified water, and some snack foods such as dried fruit, mixed nuts, pretzels, small sandwiches, cookies, chocolates, coca, in some cases hot soup, etc will be provided at these checkpoints. You must pack your own nutrition and carry it with you the whole time if you want anything different than these types of items.

*Please note: Due to the distance (in some cases a couple to several hours depending on your pace) between aid stations, you will be required to carry your own fluids and nutrition, and some emergency gear (i.e. in a day-pack) for your personal safety. You will have the opportunity to refill water/fluids at aid stations as needed.

Goodie Bag

All participants receive a custom tech Kilimanjaro Trail Marathon race shirt, goodie bag, other items, and race medal.

You will also be given a custom logo Kilimanjaro Trail Marathon drop bag by us to pack for this race. You may keep this after the event.

Race Timing and Results

Official times will be recorded to gun time.

Detailed race splits are provided in the race results.

Post Race and Awards

Runners will finish at the Horombo Camp. Other runners and staff will be there to welcome you to the finish line! You will have access to a drop bag of your gear. You will be able to clean up, change clothes, eat a very hearty meal, and relax and rest at the camp. We will overnight at this camp. Everything will be set up for you when you arrive.

The next day we will go off the mountain and back to Moshi. In the evening, all race participants will be together at dinner in Moshi on our last night of the program. Results and awards will be presented at this dinner


Although you should be prepared for a variety of weather conditions (i.e. wind, rain, heat, cold, fog, snow, hail, possible rapid changing conditions in the mountains), the typical weather conditions for August on Kilimanjaro are dry - Average rainfall is only about 3 days/month. Temperatures vary substantially with elevation changes. In the evenings at the higher elevations the temperature can go well below freezing. The summit at night can be VERY COLD. During the day the summit temperatures can be pleasant.

*There will be an aid station at the start of the out and back to the summit where you will have access to a drop bag with all the proper gear (cold weather clothes) required to go up to the summit and back.

Please plan accordingly and be properly prepared for any type of weather!

Safety- Race Gear and Clothing

Your safety is our first priority. Before the race you will be contacted to go over the required and recommended gear that will be needed for this race.

Some of this gear will be carried with you at all times for safety (ie headlamp, rain jacket).

Other gear will be put into drop bags so that you can access it later in the race and at the finish.

More on Safety

As we mentioned your safety is the most important thing.

1.The entire trail is non technical (you can walk right to the summit, no climbing or mountaineering is involved)!

2. There are lots of people and guides in the other groups as well, so you are never far from someone who could help you


The course will be well marked and supported by our professional mountain guides and staff.

We will have long range radios for emergency use.

There will be a plenty of guides and staff to be right with you if you need- on the out and back summit portion of the event.

Our staff is trained to look for any symptoms of sickness due to elevation in our participants

First aid will be available at our aid stations. Oxygen for emergency only will be available at the Kibu Base camp

The National Park has some good measures in place to take people off the mountain in case of emergency (ie the finish line camp can be reached by car).

With the trails being well indicated, in such good shape and not very technical, perhaps the biggest obstacle or risk factor will be elevation.

Elevation does affect some people who come to Kilimanjaro. We will cover this topic in detail prior to departure and in our race briefing so that you are knowledgeable on this topic and well prepared (ie altitude sickness prevention, knowing the symptoms, etc)

If the elevation does affect you negatively- You must do your part and tell us if you are not feeling well. We can then help to treat you, and if needed- make arrangements to get you safely off the mountain or at least down to a lower altitude.

Trail Conditions

The Trails on Kilimanjaro are generally in excellent shape and footing should be good. The trails in this race are generally wide, well marked and not too technical. Most of our race is on the dry part of the mountain. The steepest part is the out and back section to the summit with the section to the crater rim being the steepest. Fortunately, on the way down in this section- you can go fast as this is mainly scree and its possible to run or scree ski down. Many runners will find the downhill sections of this race runable and fast. The ascents get tougher with the elevation increasing.

Kilimanjaro Course

Please view the course map and elevation profile for the best representation of what this course is like.

In summary, the race starts at 2650 meters with a downhill section of about 3km and then turns to begin the long 18 km ascent up the mountain until the Kibu camp (4700 meters). It is at the Kibu camp where you will check in and access your drop bag for the 12km round trip out and back to the summit of Kilimanjaro (5985 meters). This 6km section going up will be the toughest part of the race. From the summit to the finish it is all downhill! You will retrace your steps 6km to the Kibu Camp again where you will once again check in and can access your drop bag again (and change/leave your summit clothes etc ). From the Kibu camp it is a little over 9km downhill running on a great trail (wide, not technical, not steep) to the finish line (3750 meters)!

Race Photos

All photos we get of you during the race from our race directors, photographer, and course officials will be available to you free of charge.


The 2019 event is open for registration. Early signup price specials are in effect right now

$2595Kilimanjaro Marathon Package (OPTION 3) Racer per person price sharing a room/tent. Single supplement for the entire trip is an extra $469. Spectator package is $1195 or $1895

OPTION 1- 6 night/7 day Acclimation hike package on Kilimanjaro: Custom Machame Route $2495 per person sharing a room. Single supplement for the entire trip is an extra $529. OPTION 2- 5 night/6 day Luxury Serengeti Safari Tour $3149 per person sharing a room. Single supplement for the entire trip is an extra $879

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